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Adult Ages 13+
Child Under 12 years old

A spectacular view of the sunset with a piece of knowledge from the Buffalo River

Discover the tranquil allure of Buffalo as you embark on our Buffalo River Sunset Cruise, where the sun gracefully descends over Lake Erie. Glide along the historic Buffalo River on a leisurely journey, delving into the city’s vibrant history during a captivating 30-minute narrated tour.

As day fades into dusk, surrender to the mesmerizing spectacle of the sunset painting the sky with warm, golden hues, casting its enchanting glow upon the shimmering waters below. Relax and unwind aboard the Harbor Queen, where a full bar awaits with your favorite beverages and onboard bathrooms ensure your comfort throughout the voyage. Don’t let this unforgettable opportunity slip away – join us and witness the magic of Buffalo’s skyline against the breathtaking backdrop of the setting sun.